One on One Nutritional Coaching for teens

Nutritional Coach

What is a Nutritional Coach?   A Nutritional Coach can help develop self efficacy, connections between decisions and actions and guide an individual in their choices regarding nutrition.

With a background in Counseling, Masters in Nutrition Education and certifications in Personal Training and Health Coaching, I am able to incorporate many different modalities to individualize programs that help get you on track and stay on track.

The diet culture affects our youth on a daily basis.   My goal is that by talking openly about emotions that surround food, how nutrition impacts our bodies and how to resist fad dieting helps enable our  youth to feel good about their decisions and their bodies. Tools and techniques to become aware of hunger signals, allowing forgiveness for imperfection, and enjoying friends and social settings all help achieve harmony with food making a happier and healthy teen.

In Person or virtual:

Nutritional Coaching:   Initial Consult and Health History Form overview,  weekly in- person or phone check ins, weekly emails, focus on menu and food choices, food logs, intuitive eating, accountability and exercise choices.  We will formulate goals together and you will receive  constant education and accountability to achieve these goals.  Monthly- $250/mo.

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