One on One Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coach

What is a Nutritional Coach?   A Nutritional Coach can help develop self efficacy, connections between decisions and actions and guide an individual in their choices regarding nutrition.

With a background in Counseling, Masters in Nutrition Education and certifications in Personal Training and Health Coaching, I am able to incorporate many different modalities to individualize programs that help get you on track and stay on track.

My philosophy about weight loss is that it is straight forward yet complex!  Consuming whole foods, minimal processed foods while enjoying a variety of foods groups is the best way to maintain weight. Calories do matter in the end but I feel the ‘why’ one eats is the most important factor.  My expertise is  to dig in a bit deeper to past habits, lifestyle and motivation to truly find long term success.

I won’t have fancy menu’s or dishes for you to try rather keeping things simple and nutritionally balanced.  You WILL find support, education, and no nonsense information about how to eat healthfully and be your best self no matter what size.  I believe healthy eating is a lifestyle.  I specialize in a gluten free lifestyle and can help guide you on your own journey if you have Celiac or an intolerance.

In Person or virtual:

Nutritional Coaching:   Initial Consult and Health History Form overview,  weekly in- person or phone check ins, weekly emails, focus on menu and food choices, food logs, intuitive eating, accountability and exercise choices.  We will formulate goals together and you will receive  constant education and accountability to achieve these goals.  Monthly- $250/mo.

I also offer one hour consultation for basic nutrition coaching at $75/hour.  If after the consult you decide to work with me on a monthly basis $50 will be applied to the first month.  This is ideal for individuals looking to make small changes and currently have a relatively solid knowledge of basic nutrition. (ie: special circumstances such as sports nutrition, menopause, life changes, questions about current dieting trends)

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