Ashley’s philosophy and implementation of nutrition and wellness were exactly what I needed coming out of chemo and radiation for breast cancer. She coached me to organize my nutrients, while not depriving myself, all the while strengthening my body and overall confidence. My doctors have been very pleased with my increased nutrient levels in my bloodwork and overall fitness these last 7 months post-treatment.  I give Ashley the credit for getting me there!”  Allison C.  

  “Discovering Ashley and her nutritional coaching service for my 17 year old daughter was truly an answer to a prayer. In the 8 months they have been working together I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in my daughter’s anxiety and obsession around her weight, food and negative body talk. Growing up in the diet culture of the 70’s and 80’s don’t make me the best at knowing how to respond to my daughter when she exhibits unhealthy behaviors and attitudes around her food and body. Our discussions would trigger me and I’m so pleased to have Ashley able to converse with my daughter and remove the inevitable mother-daughter drama that can get in the way. I can not recommend her more highly as a positive role model and mentor for young women to build healthy relationships with food and their body.” Liz F.      

Your Girlhood program was awesome and my daughter really looked forward to attending each Tuesday.  I am a firm believer in the concept of it taking a village to raise children, and I’m so grateful that you were willing to share your wisdom, experience and love with the girls.  I have three girls and I pray they will love, respect and value themselves starting at a young age.  It’s complicated and the more women role models they can be exposed to, the better!! – Girlhood program parent.