Nutrition Workshops

 8 Week Child Centered Nutrition Workshop- in person and virtual

Typically children receive nutrition education at the elementary level during their Physical Education class. Depending on school districts, this can average out to be a very small portion of the time allotted for both physical exercise as well as nutrition education.  At the middle school level it can be even less. Parents are expected to fill in the gaps. This Nutrition Workshop is geared toward education for not only the child but the parent as well. Typical 50 minute sessions  will begin with both parent and child and then individual work with the child.  Curricula is child focused to educate on healthy food choices.

My goal is to help parents build healthy meals, educate children on making healthy choices for themselves and create nutritional peace within the family.

The following workshops are based off the following concepts and customized to the students individual needs.

One on one workshop lessons consist of:

Week One: 60 minute initial session with family nutrition survey

Week Two: MyPlate Education

Week Three: Reading Nutrition Labels

Week Four: Portion Control

Week Five: Sugar

Week Six: Hunger and Mindful eating

Week Seven: Marketing and how it affects our food choices

Week Eight: Building healthy snacks and meals

Cost for 8 week in home Workshop $700

Cost for 8 week remote Workshop $600

Workshops can be twice per week to consolidate into one month or weekly for 8 weeks.

** Workshops are educational and not intended for weight loss