Family/Teen Counseling

Intuitive Eating for the whole family!

Setting boundaries for our children is part of parenting. It can become increasingly difficult when food is involved, and we want what is best for our child.  Children are naturally intuitive eaters.  That intuition can be interrupted by adhering to food rules and guidelines. Of course, every parent wants their children to eat a well-balanced meal to ensure proper growth but sometimes that can get skewed by their own upbringing and relationship with food. My work with families helps parents guide their children towards trusting how their bodies feel and enjoying food accordingly.  Guidance and education on how to set some of these guidelines while still allowing the child to be autonomous results in stress free feeding!

Work with Teens

An anti-diet approach for teens is the best method to ensure they stay safe and happy as their bodies grow from preadolescent to adult.  These changes can be difficult in a world that upholds a small body at a high standard.  My work involves helping our teens to understand:

  • How nutrition impacts their body
  • How to fuel their bodies appropriately without guilt
  • Encourage a positive relationship with all foods even those previous deemed off limits
  • How social media impacts thoughts and feelings

Girlhood – contact for current location and times.

Ages 10-13

Join us for an hour of comradery, self-esteem building exercises, positive nutrition education and joyful movement.

Girlhood provides our young girls an opportunity to connect with each other in a supportive and engaging manner. 

There will be a nut/tree nut free snack provided in each lesson to allow for natural nutrition conversation as well as bonding.