About Me


My name is Ashley Ranaldi.  I live in the Boston area with my husband, son, two daughters  and many household pets! In the summer, Martha’s Vineyard is my home. (hence the name Katama Nutrition and Wellness)   I have worn many hats in my career leading up to this point all which revolve around helping others.  Post Bachelors Degree, I worked counseling families in the field of Social Work. I then started a family, wanted more time with my children and found myself in the fitness realm.  After many years as a trainer and health coach, it became increasingly apparent that there was a huge gap in knowledge regarding nutrition. I found many of my clients were sampling various fad diets.  I wanted to learn more about how to help them normalize nutrition. This in turn led me to my Master’s degree in Nutrition Education. During this degree, I was introduced to many courses regarding disordered eating. I was struck by how deadly a disease an eating disorder can be and how it affects the entire family. This helped guide my post graduate work to implement a class I call ‘Girlhood’ for young girls ages 10-13.  Each 6 week curriculum is tailored to each group but generally focuses on nutrition education to include understanding their own intuitive eating as well as esteem building exercises.

My work is also centered around normalizing nutrition for all age groups. I often work with adults who are stuck in the diet rut and are typically eating too little food. I guide my clients towards identifying where they may have gaps in their nutrition due to previous dieting or fear of various foods.  My individual work with teens focuses on building strong bodies and self esteem while educating on nutrition and their own relationship with food.

Please join me!


M.Ed Nutrition Education Framingham State University May 2020

Intuitive Eating Counselor November 2021