About Me

My name is Ashley Ranaldi.  I live in the Boston area with my family and many household pets! In the summer, Martha’s Vineyard is my home.  My passion for fitness probably began way back as a kid playing basketball, soccer and running track.  After college I began finding that passion again in various gyms I frequented in my young adult life.  I moved around a bit before having my children so I got to sample quite a few…even in England!  In 2004,  I decided to pursue that passion and began working as a Personal Trainer.  After many years in fitness it became increasingly apparent that there was a huge gap in knowledge regarding nutrition. I found many of my clients were sampling various fad diets.  I wanted to learn more about how to help them normalize nutrition. This in turn led me to my Master’s degree in Nutrition Education.  My work has evolved from what your body can do and how to fuel it to how your body feels and how to honor it.  I follow the 10 Principals of Intuitive Eating with my clients enabling them to break free of the diet culture and live healthfully mind and body.

Please join me!


M.Ed Nutrition Education Framingham State University May 2020

Intuitive Eating Counselor November 2021